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Quality instruction is very important. If a junior golfer is started off with poor instruction there is a good chance they will become frustrated with the sport and end up quitting. We have assembled golf instruction information from the best golf professionals around. Read their articles, watch their videos and connect with a professional in your area who can help your son or daughter reach the next level.
Full Swing

It could easily be debated that all juniors should start learning the short game before advancing to the full swing.  Chipping and putting strokes require less...
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They used to say "drive for show and putt for dough".  A true statement that simply says, if you are not a good putter you are going to...
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Short game

Watch golfers on television and you will see the best short games in the world.  With most all players carrying 3-4 wedges in their bag, good players are ver...
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Trouble shots

Great shots from bunkers, through trees, and crazy lies are shots you will remember forever.  Escaping from danger and saving strokes can make a good round g...
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Practice is either for Skill Acquisition or for Skill Testing.

Skill Acquisition the player should be working toward acquiring the proper movement ...
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Athletic golfer

Exercise and golf used to be like oil and water they did not mix well.  Updated training techniques and a better understanding of what parts of the body ...
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